Our practice
In our office we use the latest technology. For your comfort and satisfaction with treatment constantly improve skills and expand knowledge.

The services we provide meet European standards, which gives you the highest security of our procedures.

Below we present the equipment in our dental practice, and some of the tools at our disposal.
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Planmeca Dixi 3 Radiovisiography Digital Roentgen, in which radiation dose was reduced eightfold compared to the classical X-ray. So you can perform safely a few pictures instead of one, which is very important eg for root canal treatment. Images appear instantly on a computer monitor, the high magnification and can be archived. If necessary, they can be immediately repeated. A special computer program also allows the monitor to make accurate measurements of length and curvature of root canals, which greatly facilitates their proper fulfillment. Another advantage is that the X-ray at high magnification can be viewed by the patient, which facilitates communication and clarification of issues related to treatment.

Locator RAYPEX 5 Electronic device used to measure the length of channels, providing the most accurate results. Used during endodontic treatment. In conjunction with the X-ray examination gives 100 percent sure the correct measurement, and hence the proper channel filling.

Magnifying glass magnifier Dentistry is a precise area magnified thanks we are able to more accurately perform operations in the office.

Sandblasting Device for a professional, fully secure the removal of stubborn deposits from air raids and the surfaces of the teeth (coffee, tea, cigarettes, etc.). It works by disposing a pressure of special sand particles together with water spray to remove stains. The treatment is completely painless. Allows you to recover naturally, the original color of teeth.

Scaler Device for removal of tartar.

X-Smart Dentsplay The development of machine-channel X-Smart Dentsplay + Tools NiTi - Special device that by providing tools of nickel-titanium allows for rapid development of root canals.

Thermaprep Plus Allows for precise and tight filling of channels gutaperko warm.

Autoclave A device used to sterilize dental instruments.

Capmix shaker Allows the mixing of dental materials encapsulated. Increases at the same speed, and thus comfort treatments. The capsules contain the ideal proportions of mixed materials - risk the possibility of error ratio is completely eliminated.  A device used to sterilize dental instruments.

Rubber dam The device isolating a tooth during root canal treatment. Prevents additional infection with bacteria from the mouth of the patient, protect against chemical agents used during treatment and improves the quality of treatment.